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Our Strategic Partnerships

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Ascentage is a business development firm for small to mid-sized technology companies.

For more than 20 years, business owners, founders and investors have turned to us for tactical and strategic leadership. Our team distinguishes its ability to provide compelling services to our portfolio of clients based on hard-earned domain knowledge.

From start-up through market validation, product development, sales strategies and channel development, business growth, mergers and acquisitions to exit, we’ll help your business evolve.



Championing disruptive ideas for a better built world.


Building Ventures offers the perfect mix of capital, mentorship and industry connections.

As-built environment pioneers, our mission is to provide access to funding, rich knowledge and decades of experience, to entrepreneurs, partners and disruptive thinkers. Together, we will build a better world.

This mission has driven us for the past 20 years, as we pioneered the future of the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry through strategic built environment technology investments. Digital technologies are reshaping the way we design, build, operate and experience our built environment and will have a profound effect on how we live as humans on our planet

Every investment we make lives up to our mission, as it is our sole focus. We believe that disruptive ideas are necessary to transform our built world and we are at the center of this inflection point.


Industry Led - Open Sourced Innovation for the Digital Built Asset Enviroment

Process Innovation Forum is the first not-for-profit, software and company agnostic, process oriented industry group.

The industry Forum is aiming to provide the digital process leadership and pioneer process innovation.


"We are your trusted partner to build your winning digitalisation strategy."

A unique “strategy through execution” offering combining strategic management consulting, deep functional skills with a profound understanding of organizational and strong stakeholder relations.

More than 110 CP&I specialists in Germany and 800 worldwide in 7 Competence Centres
We work for Contractors, Operators and Investors
Knowledge Base with benchmarks and best practices from >200 capital projects
Assignments on > 150 capital projects, 17 E&C organizations, 19 countries last 5
Unique Team: engineering (60%), commercial, legal, auditor, financing
and forensic experts in one team.


Digital Construction

Sanveo is a Construction Technology Consultant headquartered in San Francisco Bay Area, California. Since its inception in 2008, Sanveo has demonstrated consistent commitment to expertise in Construction Technology solutions and BIM/VDC Services which has earned Sanveo the prestige of influencing hundreds of projects across the United States.

Sanveo’s vast portfolio of more than 28 million sq. ft. includes Hospitals, High-rise Buildings, Corporate Office Campus, Data Centers, Infrastructure, Universities & Specialized Buildings. Sanveo’s 120+ industry experts deploy and support short-term and long-term projects, domestically and abroad.

From pre-construction phase to facility management, Sanveo stands along with its customers with a promise to deliver high quality, excellent customer service and success on the project. Sanveo’s mission is to empower its clients to extract the most value out of the information available on the project to help make effective decisions, enhance productivity and improve quality of their deliverables.


Detailed Designing

BIM Excellence (BIMe) is a unique research-based approach to assess and improve the competency of individuals, organizations, projects and teams within the Construction Industry. BIMe uses statistical data and specialized measurements to identify actual BIM performance and then compare it against project/ client requirements, industry benchmarks or previous performance results.

BIM Excellence utilizes a combination of online tools and onsite services to collect and validate data. BIMe measures individual competencies, organizational systems, past performance indicators and team configurations to generate online charts and detailed reports. These are used – not only to establish current capabilities but - to provide clear routes for professional development, organizational learning and overall performance improvement.

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